The Xunta offers discounts of 40% so that 5.000 homes can reform cookeries and baths

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Noticias The Igape will concede a subvention of 20% and the commercial establishment will recess another so much the purchase of the material

Until 5.000 Galician homes will be able to reform the cookery and the bath with discounts that will arrive until the 40 percent. The Xunta has launched the plan "Reforma15", endowed with three million euros, with which pretends to give economic support to the families that need improvements in his houses and, at the same time, contribute to the impulse of the sector of the construction and the rehabilitation.

The Galician Government will give a help to the particular to reform the bath or cookery of his equivalent house to the 20 percent of his cost always inside a minimum limit of 200 euros and a maximum of 1.000 euros per person and home address. To this subvention will add another discount of the 20 percent that will apply the establecimieneto trading company, that will have to be adhered to the program of the Xunta.

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